Dechový Orchestr Štramberk -

Wind band Štramberk

History of the orchestra

The beginning of the orchestra is dated to the year 1912. Originally a small brass orchestra soon grew to a body with more than fifty members. For its high artistic qualities the orchestra used to be invited for a number of concerts in a wide surrounding of the town.

In 1940-1945 due to an influence of war events activities of the orchestra were limited by the borders of its town and had just few exhibitions of local importance. The orchestra started to participate in cultural actions of greater importance in Štramberk and its neighbourhood again on the break of forties and fifties.

However as the time passed by possibilities of the orchestra presentation were fewer and that, besides other events, caused a decrease in the number of players and unconcern of young people, who were willing to learn how to play a brass instrument. In 1984 the orchestra had only about 22 in majority older players.
Arrival of a new bandmaster in 1985 started another chapter in the history of the orchestra. His knowledge from Army Music School and experiences gained from work in professional orchestra soon manifested. In 1987, the year of orchestra´s 75th anniversary almost fifty stable musicians took part in the Anniversary concert.
With increasing artistic quality a number of performances had multiplied as well and the orchestra again entered in the subconscious of wide public.

The orchestra started a stable cooperation with prime Czech conductors and composers from the area of brass music (Miloš Machek, pavel Stanik, Vladimír Studnieka, Evžen Zámeeník, Jaroslav Zeman and others).
On the base of these results the orchestra have been invited for a public radio record of its Anniversary concert. Many records of this concert were so successful that they were a few times broadcasted in Czechoslovakian radio Ostrava. In this period many offers for participation in competitions and festivals home and abroad appeared. Regarding the orchestra´s possibilities only few were accepted. These performances received a very positive evaluation from experts as well as from the side of public.

Recently the orchestra consists of 50 musicians and the age average is 26 years. Orchestra is able to present a classical concert brass music as well as the compositions of recent Czech and foreign composers. At festivals, the orchestra plays march music with the participation of Majjorette Group.

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